Entering The Gym For The First Time

Congratulations! This will be the biggest and hardest challenge you will face - getting yourself to the gym. Now that's over, let's get stuck in!

So after walking through those murky glass doors and trying to shake of the fear that everyone is staring at you, you then frantically jump on the first machine you see in a bid to act like you know what you're doing. Who needs a workout plan right???

Wrong! However we have all done it.


When you walk through the doors, it is good to have a goal. This could be something minute such as burning a set number of calories, it doesnt have to be a fully fledged 7 day gruelling workout plan that Arnie himself couldn't muster. Not only will this give you a direction or a goal to work towards, but it will also instill confidence into yourself knowing that you have an idea (kinda) of what you are doing.

So you've got a goal now what?


As mentioned above, confidence is key when you go to the gym in the first time. So wear your feel good outfit, whether that be Ablete's Seamless Leggings or your Apple AirPods to flex on every peasant there (Peasant checking in). Fake it til you make it!

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The key thing to remember is that there are a whole variety of people who go to the gym in all shapes and sizes, and they all started somewhere - Even that 6ft 6" brick sh*thouse who decides to launch his dumbbells after every set was in your shoes once, they weren't born looking like an extra from Baywatch.

The truth is, no one's gonna laugh or stare at you, instead they will probably offer to help if they can see you are struggling. The first few days are the hardest, stick at it, and you will reap the rewards.


Once you have the confidence, you can then begin to experiment with different equipment and routines. This will help you work out what works for you, and what you want to put into your routine (when you do create one). If you enjoy what you do, the chances are you'll make this gym thing a regular occurrence, rather than a one off until you start over in January after eating too many mince pies.


Unfortunately we live in a world of Social Media, where only the best side of everyone is shown - Take this into consideration when setting your goal. Although it is good to be aggressive with your target, if you set the bar too high (especially as a beginner) you will at some point feel deflated and most likely give up, which is far from ideal. Rome wasn't built in a day!

Although this is probably the least likely thing you want to do, it is recommended to take a before photo. This may help in a few weeks when you feel you aren't seeing progress and feel a bit deflated, only to then look back and see how far you've came. Don't compare your transformation to others, everyone is different and so is the rate of progress!


The most important aspect. Enjoy your work out and look forward to the next one, just don't burn yourself out too quickly with your new found obsession!

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